The Travel Post : Singapore and Coldplay A Head Full of Dream Concert 2017!

Never really made a serious bucket list but if I did, watching Coldplay concert would be one of them. And I happily crossed that of my imaginary bucket list! Boy it has been 2 weeks since I watched their concert but I am still in the withdrawal period. Currently writing this blog post with Coldplay’s songs in the background. Coldplay-ception. That how amazing the concert was.

I should say that the process of getting this ticket was not easy at all! I didn’t buy the ticket on the Nov 21 2016 where the tickets were officially sold on the sportshub website. Couldn’t even get passed the waiting room section. Sold out before 1 hour, I believe. I was devastated. Then I remembered that one of my friend who would watch the show in Sydney, which was on Dec 13 and Dec 14. I found a website that still sold some tickets for the Sydney show. It was cheaper than SG but it was a seated ticket. I hadn’t really take time to think twice because I have checked the flight ticket to Sydney around that date and it was cheap so I bought the ticket. I was very happy to finally have a chance to see them!

However, I made a wrong calculation about the flight ticket. I didn’t check the ticket price to go back to Indonesia and it was very VERY expensive. There was no way I bought a return ticket that expensive just to watch a Coldplay concert. There was also a rumor that there would be a second day for SG tour, so I would have another chance to try my luck in getting one ticket. I decided to sell my ticket through facebook.  Not long after I posted my ticket on fb, someone in OZ was interested to buy it! Long live fb and paypal xD

Nov 25 2016, the day of the second sale has come. Learning from what I did the last time, I tried to go to the website half an hour before the actual time. It kept loading in the waiting room section until…. I was in!! I didn’t want to tell my friend about it until I made the payment, I didn’t want to jinx it! I tried to make my first purchase and… I got it! Too bad I was at work so I couldn’t let out my joy lol.  Then I made my next purchase for my friends and so on. Turned out if you already passed the waiting room section, you didn’t need to go back to the waiting room to make a new purchase! I managed to buy 9 tickets. 😀

Fast forward to March 30 2017, Carolyn, my lovely friend and I, went to Singapore and stayed in Hotel 81 Changi. The hotel was nice, the room has everything from safe deposit box to hairdryer. For that price, we were surprised!


Hotel 81 Changi, Singapore

The next day, we went to Singapore National Stadium around 11 AM. Carolyn, with her extensive research skill, found another website that gives us some useful information. When we arrived, we immediately went to the ticket box to have our ticket. We already printed our e-ticket but with SGD 3, we can have it printed. Not bad for memorabilia. 🙂


Printed version!

After we had lunch and daiso-hunting at Kallang Wave mall, we met up with another friend of mine, Adi. We went to the venue around 2 PM and still saw no sight of queue. Turned out the queue weas on the second floor and it was very long. Carolyn went to queue for Pen B, meanwhile Adi and I went to queue for pen A. We saw the merchandise stall and decided to buy some stuff before queuing. Got myself a shirt and tote bag. The price though.


Sweaty faces. SG is hot!

Not long after we took this picture, heavy rain and thunderstorm came. The crew moved us closer to the gate because there was only a small roof at the place we’re queuing. Fortunately, the rain only lasted less than 30 minutes.

Around 5.45 PM, we heard noises from the crowd near the gate. The gate was about to be opened! Gosh I felt the excitement built up inside me. After scanning our ticket, we got inside the venue and ran. The venue was amazingly colorful!


Too happy face!

Pen A was still quite empty when we were inside. Thanks to my height, I barely could see the stage lol. So we were roaming around to find a perfect place for us to watch. While we were doing that, the opening act, Jess Kent, came on stage and sang. She has a good voice!


Talented Jess Kent

When the show was about to start, Adi decided to find some food outside. He told me to stay still so he could find me, which I did. But the crowd was growing and he couldn’t find me. I saw his shirt from a far but I couldn’t scream to call him because if I did, I would be screaming right to someone’s face. It was that crowded. I still tried to find his face among the sea of faces but then I realized that it’s impossible to find him. I just gonna enjoy this concert.

When the lights was out, everybody was screaming their lungs out! The sea of colorful xylobands almost brought tears in my eyes. I did cry when Coldplay play Yellow, The Scientist and Fix you. Not ashamed of that moment xD

I forgot how people loves to record with their phone when watching any concert, including Coldplay’s. As a short person, it was annoying because I kept seeing their arms. I was fighting with myself if I should ask two girls in front of me who kept recording to swap spot with me because there were some short people in front of them so I could join them, or just stood there watching. I decided to move to my right side when they played songs that I didn’t familiar with. You just have to be bold enough to say excuse me 😀

I remembered that Adi had said something about C stage right after they played Viva La Vida. Here’s a seating plan of the concert for reference. Yes, red dot was my position before C stage. Lots of people there, don’t forget. Mostly arms. It seems close, yes.

SG seating plan

After they’ve finished playing Viva La Vida, I rushed to the C stage with others who also did the same thing. That was the right decision to follow them. Coldplay was walking to the C stage and performed 2 songs. Sadly it wasn’t In My Place. I was planning to bawl my eyes out when they sang that song because that was the first song that introduced me to Coldplay. I was standing next to the fence(?) when Chris Martin walked back to the main stage and managed to record that moment. That was the closest I could get that night. 😀

After that, all I did was enjoying the show. I just stayed where I was, singing along with the crowd, took some short videos of the show. When they played “Something Just Like This”, I recorded almost everything! All of us who watched the first concert are the first people who witnessed “Something Just Like This” played on stage! Another tears on my eyes moment.

When the concert was over, I roamed around the crowd to find Adi. I asked one of the crew to hand me the yellow balloon near their equipment area. So imagine a girl with a colorful shirt, a backpack, walking around the pen A while holding a big yellow balloon, looking lost. I’d say that I was quite famous around that moment because some people kept stopping me to borrow my balloon and took a picture with it lol.

Needless to say, that day was tiring as hell but it was totally worth it. Before coming to the concert, I thought to myself that watching Coldplay’s concert is one in a lifetime experience, one time is enough. That statement, ladies and getlement, IS WRONG! One time is not enough! When you watched one concert of them, you would end up craving for more that it’s driving you crazy! Save your money! Plan which country to watch! Stalk their website and instagram! Memorize their song list! Well you get the idea xD

Why one time is not enough, you say? Because it’s freaking Coldplay. COLDPLAY. They really please their fans with extravagant concert. They make sure their fans get an awesome night. Chris’ vocal, oh wow, live and studio, it sounds the same. Guy’s stamina when he beat the drum and the bell on Viva La Vida. Jonny’s guitar on Something Just Like This. Guy’s bass on everything. On top of this perfect delivery, they put xylobands, tons of confettis, lots of ballons, basically everything that they can think of to ask the audience to play together with them. How to move on from this kind of experience? Been 2 weeks and counting, fellas. I am not exaggerating, I am not alone in this xD

It was a magical night. Thank you Coldplay. You give me this feeling, this everglow. 🙂

Now it’s time for pictures and videos! Yeah I didn’t take a lot of pictures really.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out these videos:

A bit of Yellow performace with everything yellow.

The part where I stood close to them (C stage). It’s really just 10 seconds each video though, pardon my excitement with uploading these xD

Amazing Day ending just because it’s beatiful.

Something Just Like This!

Another beautiful ending, A Sky Full of Stars. Tell me how to not feel goosebumps and teary when you see this in person 😦

This last video is the ending of Up&Up and they’re saying goodbyes. I was focusing on my xylobands because I wanted to record the moment when it’s finally turned off for good. :’)


I hope you all enjoy reading this post of mine. Until next time! 😉


The Blog Post : 2016 Story

It is the beginning of another new year again. Happy new year everyone!

It is usually also the time when people start making their new year resolution. A friend of mine asked what my new year resolutions are. Well I have stopped doing that since quite a long time. I only have one new year resolution every year, it’s “something has to change from the previous year.”

2016 was a year full of changes here and there.

Entering 2016, I started looking for another job. I was happy with my previous job but not that happy to stay there for a long time. Although I started thinking of changing jobs around January, I didn’t really move until August. It is not easy to make a life decision when you already feel like you are in the right track. As for me, every time I need to make a decision between two hard choices, I will spend a lot of time to consider the pros and cons of each decision. But once I make up my mind, nothing and no one can shake me to change my decision. Well unless their reason is make sense, ofc. I will listen to others’ opinions but in the end it’s always I who make the last decision.

It also happened when I got a job offer from my current employer. Boy I spent around 2-3 months to think about moving while kept continuing the interview process. I was afraid if moving was a bad idea. I was afraid if my new colleagues were not friendly like what I had at that time. I was afraid that everything was going to be very different. I was afraid if I couldn’t live up to their expectations. All those kind of worries. On the other hand, if I decided not to move, I felt like I entered a stagnant phase. A phase where what I did made me bored because I learnt nothing new. Actually I had entered this phase long before I had the job interview, I believe it was around the end of 2015. The only thing that could kept me from not moving was if the company offered me a raise or a higher position, which I also knew that’s a long way to go and the position that I wanted was in different department. That’s why I had this decision to change things.

First person I talked to when I got this offer (beside my family) was my colleague, Nanak. (Go check his blog!) I talked to him because I knew that he also had a plan to resign. His reason is way more noble than mine though lol, he is one of Chevening Scholarship 2016 Awardee. He’s going to continue his study in Master Degree at Edinburgh University, UK. I still remember what he told me when I said that I had a plan to resign. He said, “Let’s resign together!”. Isn’t that funny? 😀 So every time I had my doubt, I ran to him and his opinion helped me to shape my decision.

When my headhunter told me that I got the job, I cried. I cried because it felt real, I cried because I realized I would leave my office family. Even my mom didn’t know what to do, whether to congratulate me or soothe me. It was so silly.

Have you heard the phrase “ready or not, you have to embrace it” ? That’s basically what I did in my new place. In the first two weeks, I already felt grateful that I made this decision to move. I love the people, I love the job, I love the working environment. If we’re talking about job description, what I do now is not much different with what I did before. At first I was sad because it meant that I didn’t really up to the next level but then I realized that I am in the new level. I used to be in English course level, now I work in Education level. A whole different world to explore and learn. I was overwhelmed at first, but I’m getting better everyday.

Things even get better in daily life. I have quite free time to spend time with friends and family. I have time to do things I hardly do at my previous job like participating in Mahanalive event. The thing that I appreciate the most is, living a less stressful life. I can gladly say that since August until yesterday, things are going up in some aspects in my life. 🙂 Money wise, I still need to work on that department lol. Gimme me money people, please!!

Changes are scary indeed. There are good scary and bad scary, but as long as you have the will to change, we can appreciate all the bad and good things that it brings.

I can’t wait to see the what kind of change will I do in 2017. I have some in mind but I will keep it to myself for now.

I hope 2017 will be awesome for you too! And if you don’t like something, try to change it!

Thank you for reading as always 😉

The Journal Post : Moleskine

I think I have mentioned quite several times in this blog that I like to write. In terms of writing, nothing ever beats a good paper and a good pen. In my case, lots of them. In total, I have probably around 4 journals which I literally wrote in every single page of them. The very first one is my junior high school journal, second and third are senior high school journal, the fourth one is the journal that I’m using right now. Well 5 journals if I add my random journal that I use mostly for ranting to the list haha.

I didn’t have any physical journal when I was studying in University but I found an awesome app that made me start writing again, it’s called Day One. The interface is very simple, easy on the eyes. I started writing there daily. Sometimes it’s a long post, sometimes it’s just the main idea of what happened on that day. I am very pleased to say that I have made 734 posts so far! Really can’t wait for Day One web or laptop version, so far they only have the laptop version for Mac :/

Writing on an app is nice because technically you can write anywhere and anytime you want. But every time I felt uneasy or angry toward something, scribbling on a paper is always an option. It feels different when you’re relieving your anger through pen and papers. It feels real. Scribbling madly on paper is less chaotic option compared to throwing stuff anywhere right? xD

That’s when I decided to buy a Moleskine. The first time I’ve heard and seen Moleskine was 2 years ago when one of my dear friend used it at work. He was using a black soft cover Moleskine and I was hooked. The leather cover was so soft, simple yet elegant at the same time. It’s quite hard to find Moleskine in Bandung so I decided to buy one through Ebay. I bought the 18 months planner weekly notebook extra large black soft cover. You read it right, 18 months planner. And yes, extra large. I admit that it’s too big to put into your bag. I didn’t really use it for journaling at that time, mostly for planning and taking notes of weekly meeting.

I decided to give it another try. This time, I bought a 12 months planner weekly notebook large black hard cover (this is the 2017 version, mine is 2016).


Moleskine 2016 12 months planner weekly

The large size is the right size for me. I can put it in my bag and carry it anywhere. I decided to buy the hard cover because I’m afraid if I buy the soft cover again and put it in my bag, it’ll be tore easily. In addition, I’m not really a fan of bent-edge book (get what I mean?)

In the first 2 months, I only wrote of the big idea of what happened on that day so I could elaborate more in Day One app when I have time.


Very first week spread


The Birthday Page spread!

Then I was just casually back into story telling mode, I wrote in sentence. This was also the time when I started to google about doodling, journaling and planning. I was amazed at the amount of creativity that those amazing people have.


apparently not that creative spread

I also used one page just for pen testing. I was surprised at myself because I’m willing to jeopardize one page just for random scribble like that lol, usually I will try to make everything neat.


Fountain Pen Test

I didn’t think going back to journaling would be this fun. I even purchased some washi tapes and cut them into small size into washi tapes sample look alike. Not really using them much though since I hardly decorated my page. Usually I use them to stick mementos.

Not forgetting the fact that I also wrote about highlights of my Malaka trip on August and haven’t written them yet otl


Will post it someday I promise

I also added funny pictures that my friend made when he has nothing to do at office lol


The last 5-6 pages of this weekly planner is a lined paper where you can write anything you like. I hardly used them because there are already lined pages next to the weekly pages. Since its’s December and the end of 2016 is approaching soon, I start writing stuff there. Mostly things I have in mind for 2017. One of Moleskine unique point is they come with a pocket in the back side cover. I didn’t take any picture of the pocket though :/


The lined page

Overall experience, I’m glad I gave Moleskine another try. It helps shaping my journal writing style since I’m very new to this thing. What I don’t like about Moleskine is the limited space of writing in weekly page. Sometimes I like to write a lot of things and the fixed space is kinda bugging me. So I went to google to find some inspiration in using Moleskine. What I found is another solution, a hobonichi.

So I, like any other slaves of stationery world, bought one…………


I really recommend journaling to someone who likes to remember the good old times of their lives. It also helps you to recall all the good things and the bad things that happened before and how you managed to counter them all. Kinda like improving yourself in a way 🙂

Next journal post in line : Midori Traveler’s Notebook and Hobonichi Techo Avec Cousin.

Thank you for reading! Have a good day fellas!


New People = New Network

When I was a child, my mom almost always told me to have a lot of friends. She said that having a lot of friends would lead you to lots of opportunities. She also said that having a broad knowledge is a must. Being smart is a bonus, but you must know a lot of knowledge. Read books. Learn new things. People love to talk to people with a lot of knowledge. What we know isn’t always right, so be open minded.

Growing up, I realized that my dad has an amazing skill in socializing. He also has a good sense of humor. I guess that’s what I have from him that helps me socializing until now. The other thing that I realized is my dad has a lot of friends. Friends that don’t even work on the same office. From different background, even. Maybe because we live in a small city, he knows at least one people from every corner of the city. It sounds like I’m exaggerating a lot xD

The first time I realized that I have the same trait with my dad is around university time. I was walking to cafeteria with my friend. On the way there, I kept saying hi to people I know while we’re passing them. It was quite a lot for a short walk. He jokingly said that I must have been very famous since I almost knew everybody in the university. It was only like 8 to 10 people I think but they were from different program/course/major.

How did I know them? Through a lot of situation.

The key here is not just joining some event committee or being part of laboratory staff or community staff. The key is the will to start approaching people first. By simply saying hi or anything. Make a conversation. What’s the point of joining a community but doesn’t have the will to approach people? Don’t wait until people approach you first. If it’s possible, approach them. Ask questions. Even simple gesture could create a friendship. You never know. But don’t be creepy lol


Stealing Nanak‘s blog style XD

Why am I writing about this now?

I would say because I had a fantastic weekend! Thanks to my new normal shift job (looking hard at you, old job) I was able to become a part of a music event again, just like the old time. Man how I enjoy every part of it! The rush, the problems, the craziness, the fun for sure!! I got a lot of new friends. New friends mean new networks. New networks mean new opportunities for anything, for business, for travelling, for knowledge, for anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless, if I may add.

All of these won’t happened if I didn’t take a chance in approaching my friend in Sungha Jung’s fan meeting a long time ago. We used to work together in preparing chess match for big sport event in our university. I called his name when I was queuing for the signing session, when I was standing close enough to him. I just realized that he’s actually wearing Director name tag on his neck. I was surprised! He told me that he and his friends founded Mahana Live, an event organizer company based in Bandung. The company was still small at that time, but I’m proud to say that it’s growing now! 😀

At that time, I was really interested to have an experience in working in event organizer field. So I asked him to let me know if he had another event coming up because I would like to be a volunteer in that event. And he did. He asked me to join Tiffany Alvord’s concert as a volunteer at first. Then he offered me a position as the head of Artist Room and F&B division. I was not sure to take the position because I had no idea what Artist Room division do but he believed I could do the job. I’m glad I did take that offer. Since that day, I was a part of Mahana Live family until I got my old job. Parents want me to have a stable job with stable income, so sadly I had to leave. My old job was so time consuming that I had no free time to join the team when they had some events.

I changed job almost 3 months ago. The work shift is so different than the old one, I have weekend off. Thanks to this, I had opportunity to join Mahana Live event again. My first come back moment was exactly last Saturday for Lalala Fest event in Bandung, Indonesia. Mahana Live helped them to contact 2 International Singers and 3 International DJs. Because of this, they created Artist Relation Officer team which I was being a part of. What I do was basically being their liaison while they’re in Bandung, but the Lalala LO team could not contact them without us. All communication to artists must go through us. It sounds very cool, isn’t it? xD

My ARO partner Chintya and I were assigned to assist one International DJ named Discovery (Facebook and Instagram). Discovery is Australia’s tribute to the music and image of Daft Punk which consists of 2 people. Despite of everything that happened on the D Day, they are so nice and thoughtful, and also very creative! There’s this moment when they loved the sound of police siren that was escorting us to the transit hotel. They immediately grabbed their own phone and created a music that fits the siren. Inside the car. It was short but still awesome! They also made the crowd at Lalala Fest danced with their Daft Punk’s remixes. I even saw one guy was standing on top of the fence xD

Funny thing also happened for sure. Chintya and I tried to put one of the helmet on but there’s a high possibility that the helmet would stuck on our head if we did, saaaaad 😦 That was my first time being an ARO and I’m glad everything went smoothly.

From these 2 days, I met 2 awesome International men and 1 new person with amazing network to explore. The possibilities are endless, I do hope we all can work together again in the future. This all happened because of that moment when I approached my old friend. Chances are everywhere, but it is our will to take that tiny possibilities or not. Always ask, not everything will be handed to you.

Come to think of it, I got my first part time job when my friends and I were using dance studio.We would like to add another hour for practice but the guy said that they’re kinda short on people so we couldn’t add another hour. I spontaneously said was it possible if I applied for the job. He was surprised but he did tell his manager that I was interested in working part time there. Before that I was applying for part time job in some places but I heard nothing from them. Life really is unpredictable, isn’t it? Sometimes being spontaneous is what you need, even spontaneously saying hi to people 😀

So, people, have a lot of friends! I keep telling this to some friends who are shy to begin with. Human is a social creature, so might as well have a big social network. They cost you nothing!

I would love to write a lot of things that happened on these 2 amazing days but this post itself already contains 1204 words xD

Happy socializing!

To-do-list Confession

Even as the owner of this blog, I sneeze every time I open it. Too much dust every where.*sobs* Trust me when I said, updating blog is always in my to-do-list which sadly turns into to-do-list-blackhole. Writing it on to-do-list counts as effort, right? *dance to nothing*


The Proof!

This blog is 8 years old now! And yet, the amount of post I’ve made so far is only 70 posts…. That number is horrible! 8 years, 70 posts? And I just found out about it now, otl. I’m writing on the daily journal too now, I guess that one of the reason? *grins* On screen or book, I always like to write. Writing for me is the other way of voicing my inner thought that is so hard to express sometimes. If I have to choose, writing on paper is still my favorite. Nothing beats the angry stroke you make when you’re pissed. You know what I’m saying? No? Try now!

My last post is about I read on March, titled “The Project of Happiness”. A lot of things happened since then. Would be crazy if it wouldn’t right? In fact, I would like to cross all the things that happened so far :

  1. Exercise better
  2. Act more energetic
  3. Don’t expect praise or appreciation
  4. Fight right
  5. Enjoy the fun of failure
  6. Enjoy now
  7. Acknowledge the reality of people’s feeling
  8. Take time for projects
  9. Find more fun
  10. Take time to be silly
  11. Start a collection (MTN and all those cute stationery)
  12. Remember birthdays
  13. Show up
  14. Make three new friends
  15. Spend out (love this idea the most. We tend to save the thing we loves for the best moment and ended up not using it, expired or broken maybe, which is a pity)
  16. Give something up
  17. Indulge in a modest splurge
  18. Keep a gratitude notebook (I like how she struggled with keeping a gratitude notebook because in the end, it did feel like an obligation. She’s still a human.)
  19. Forget about results
  20. Make time
  21. Stimulate the mind in new ways
  22. Give positive reviews
  23. Find an area of refuge

It’s not much, but it’s a start. 2016 has been an unforgettable year with every ups and downs, every new experience. I’m grateful for everything that happened so far. It’s almost the end of 2016 again, scary how fast the year feels. In 3 months to come, I hope 2016 is not gonna be another 2015. Not a lot of change happened in that year :/

The new goal could be ending this year with 100 posts! I have a lot of exciting idea in mind, I hope I can keep up with my own ideas lol. This blog grows together with me, maybe I should post things that also grow with me, that’s the idea~

Well until then! 😀



The Happiness Project : Super Late Book Review

So why is this super late? Personally because I bought this book a year ago and I’ve just finished this book 2 days ago lol. Blame anyone but me! *dances*


(credit goes to Gretchen Rubin)

I bought The Happiness Project because of her epiphany in the bus. And it makes me curious, what kind of things she did in a year to achieve happiness? Like its review, it made me smile and think at the same page 🙂

I made the compilation of sentences/words/quotes that I like. Probably not every sentences, mostly the sentences that lingered in my head.

Don’t expect praise or appreciation.

Tell me it’s not a hard thing to do. Everyone likes to be praised. I believe it becomes from our childhood because parents always praise their children. Somehow praise = award. Maybe that’s why when you did your best but you got no praise in the end, you didn’t feel happy. I’m still working on this part, to just do my best without hoping for a praise from anyone.

Enjoy the fun of failure.

Like what she wrote on her book, “When I thought about why I was sometimes reluctant to push myself, I realized that it was because I was afraid of failure—but in order to have more success, I needed to be willing to accept more failure”. Will to accept failure! Failure sucks, but we learn something from failure. Another homework to do for sure.

Arrival fallacy, the belief that when you arrive at a certain destination, you’ll be happy.

Described by Tal Ben-Shahar in his book Happier. Also quoted from her book, “The arrival fallacy is a fallacy because, though you may anticipate great happiness in arrival, arriving rarely makes you happy as you anticipate”. That is so true! Anticipation can make you sleep less for a long time and when you get that thing that makes you excited, the feeling is flat again. Maybe that’s the reason many people say that the “getting know each other” phase is far more exciting than the “lover” phase? lol. While we’re talking about this matter, somehow I think when we like someone, we just can’t stop imagining the idea of being together with that certain person. We’re creating imagination of how this person would be if s/he was your lover. That’s what drives people crazy. *look at self*

I’d love to write everything down but her monthly resolutions are the important part. I like her resolutions! Here are some of her resolutions that I’ll try to do myself :

  1. Exercise better
  2. Act more energetic
  3. Don’t expect praise or appreciation
  4. Fight right
  5. Enjoy the fun of failure
  6. Enjoy now
  7. Acknowledge the reality of people’s feeling
  8. Take time for projects
  9. Find more fun
  10. Take time to be silly
  11. Start a collection (MTN and all those cute stationery)
  12. Remember birthdays
  13. Show up
  14. Make three new friends
  15. Spend out (love this idea the most. We tend to save the thing we loves for the best moment and ended up not using it, expired or broken maybe, which is a pity)
  16. Give something up
  17. Indulge in a modest splurge
  18. Keep a gratitude notebook (I like how she struggled with keeping a gratitude notebook because in the end, it did feel like an obligation. She’s still a human.)
  19. Forget about results
  20. Make time
  21. Stimulate the mind in new ways
  22. Give positive reviews
  23. Find an area of refuge

So far I start a collection, I purchased my very first Midori Traveller’s Notebook! First time I knew about this notebook was a many years ago, 8 years probably. At that time I was a university student and didn’t have a paypal account, so the idea of having MTN was sadly impossible. Then about 2 months ago I saw a lot of MTN pictures on my instagram feed and the unstoppable feeling of having one was killing me. I started my research to find a best store to purchase one since I live in Indonesia and you couldn’t find MTN in any book store. After I ordered mine, I found different online store who sells it slightly cheaper. So I’d recommend this website if you want to buy one. The happy feeling when the notebook arrived was heart-warming. Not everyone understands the reason why I want to spend fortune for a notebook but it doesn’t matter, like Gretchen said, “Be Nurul”.

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s searching for the concept of happiness. We tend to think that materials bring happiness, but it’s happiness inside that really matters. I like the way she’s telling her story because it’s not sugar coated. If she did something that bothers her, she would stop doing it, even though it’s related with the way she’s finding her happiness. You can see my opinion in the gratitude notebook. She (probably) stopped doing it and being thankful in everything she did instead, not forcing herself to keep doing it to just stick to that resolution. That’s why I said that’s human.

Thank you for reading this book review. Excuse grammatical error like always hahaha

What is mirror?

Hey ya guys!

You all are familiar with Justin Timbelake’s song Mirror right? In my opinion, that song is so beautiful and romantic. Not only that, he also dedicated the song for his grandparents, ain’t that sweet?

My friend and I ever talked about mirror in relationship, like, how do you define mirror in relationship? We came to many conclusions but not sure which one was the best lol

So let’s think about mirror theory in relationship. We see ourselves when we’re facing a mirror and doing the same thing like we do. If we raise our hand, we see our reflection does the same thing. Is that a good mirror factor in relationship? Do you prefer your loved ones to be the same like you? And we’re talking about many aspects, could be interest, could be habits, could be sports, could be anything. It would be fun to have one, wouldn’t it?

Another mirror theory is, when we’re facing a mirror and our reflection does the same thing, our reflection does it slightly different, like left and right different. Why were we talking about this mirror theory? You see, usually there are two types of answers for what kind of dream husband/wife that you’re looking forward in future. They are “have some similarities” or “totally different from me”.

My friend added one more theory but I kinda forgot what her theory was xD

Love is a strange thing, doesn’t it? You want a perfect lover, then you try to find someone who has many similarities with you, especially characters. Funny how usually it ends. Both of us are hard headed, too many similarities makes me bored, etc. You think similarities can make things easier but it also makes everything difficult. You want someone that is totally different with you because you think it’s gonna be perfect, you complete each other. Usually it ends with one party fed up with other party, tired from tolerating all the differences they have.

Can you see the mirror that I’m trying to portray here?

I’ve wanted to write this post since a long time ago but got distracted a lot, like always lol. Even until now, I’m still trying to figure out what kind of mirror that suits me best. Good luck in finding yours~ 🙂

Update :

My lovely-lazy-ass friend told me about her idea on path (called her like that because she didn’t want to add her theory in comment :p). Her theory is that the other person reflects you, what you are doing whether it’s right or wrong. The other person acts as a mirror to point out to you your best and worse features. So in a way, this person is a reminder for you to always do better and to always be grateful and accept who you really are.

I found her theory is one hell of combination 😀