The Travel Post : Singapore and Coldplay A Head Full of Dream Concert 2017!

Never really made a serious bucket list but if I did, watching Coldplay concert would be one of them. And I happily crossed that of my imaginary bucket list! Boy it has been 2 weeks since I watched their concert but I am still in the withdrawal period. Currently writing this blog post with Coldplay’s songs in the background. Coldplay-ception. That how amazing the concert was.

I should say that the process of getting this ticket was not easy at all! I didn’t buy the ticket on the Nov 21 2016 where the tickets were officially sold on the sportshub website. Couldn’t even get passed the waiting room section. Sold out before 1 hour, I believe. I was devastated. Then I remembered that one of my friend who would watch the show in Sydney, which was on Dec 13 and Dec 14. I found a website that still sold some tickets for the Sydney show. It was cheaper than SG but it was a seated ticket. I hadn’t really take time to think twice because I have checked the flight ticket to Sydney around that date and it was cheap so I bought the ticket. I was very happy to finally have a chance to see them!

However, I made a wrong calculation about the flight ticket. I didn’t check the ticket price to go back to Indonesia and it was very VERY expensive. There was no way I bought a return ticket that expensive just to watch a Coldplay concert. There was also a rumor that there would be a second day for SG tour, so I would have another chance to try my luck in getting one ticket. I decided to sell my ticket through facebook.  Not long after I posted my ticket on fb, someone in OZ was interested to buy it! Long live fb and paypal xD

Nov 25 2016, the day of the second sale has come. Learning from what I did the last time, I tried to go to the website half an hour before the actual time. It kept loading in the waiting room section until…. I was in!! I didn’t want to tell my friend about it until I made the payment, I didn’t want to jinx it! I tried to make my first purchase and… I got it! Too bad I was at work so I couldn’t let out my joy lol.  Then I made my next purchase for my friends and so on. Turned out if you already passed the waiting room section, you didn’t need to go back to the waiting room to make a new purchase! I managed to buy 9 tickets. 😀

Fast forward to March 30 2017, Carolyn, my lovely friend and I, went to Singapore and stayed in Hotel 81 Changi. The hotel was nice, the room has everything from safe deposit box to hairdryer. For that price, we were surprised!


Hotel 81 Changi, Singapore

The next day, we went to Singapore National Stadium around 11 AM. Carolyn, with her extensive research skill, found another website that gives us some useful information. When we arrived, we immediately went to the ticket box to have our ticket. We already printed our e-ticket but with SGD 3, we can have it printed. Not bad for memorabilia. 🙂


Printed version!

After we had lunch and daiso-hunting at Kallang Wave mall, we met up with another friend of mine, Adi. We went to the venue around 2 PM and still saw no sight of queue. Turned out the queue weas on the second floor and it was very long. Carolyn went to queue for Pen B, meanwhile Adi and I went to queue for pen A. We saw the merchandise stall and decided to buy some stuff before queuing. Got myself a shirt and tote bag. The price though.


Sweaty faces. SG is hot!

Not long after we took this picture, heavy rain and thunderstorm came. The crew moved us closer to the gate because there was only a small roof at the place we’re queuing. Fortunately, the rain only lasted less than 30 minutes.

Around 5.45 PM, we heard noises from the crowd near the gate. The gate was about to be opened! Gosh I felt the excitement built up inside me. After scanning our ticket, we got inside the venue and ran. The venue was amazingly colorful!


Too happy face!

Pen A was still quite empty when we were inside. Thanks to my height, I barely could see the stage lol. So we were roaming around to find a perfect place for us to watch. While we were doing that, the opening act, Jess Kent, came on stage and sang. She has a good voice!


Talented Jess Kent

When the show was about to start, Adi decided to find some food outside. He told me to stay still so he could find me, which I did. But the crowd was growing and he couldn’t find me. I saw his shirt from a far but I couldn’t scream to call him because if I did, I would be screaming right to someone’s face. It was that crowded. I still tried to find his face among the sea of faces but then I realized that it’s impossible to find him. I just gonna enjoy this concert.

When the lights was out, everybody was screaming their lungs out! The sea of colorful xylobands almost brought tears in my eyes. I did cry when Coldplay play Yellow, The Scientist and Fix you. Not ashamed of that moment xD

I forgot how people loves to record with their phone when watching any concert, including Coldplay’s. As a short person, it was annoying because I kept seeing their arms. I was fighting with myself if I should ask two girls in front of me who kept recording to swap spot with me because there were some short people in front of them so I could join them, or just stood there watching. I decided to move to my right side when they played songs that I didn’t familiar with. You just have to be bold enough to say excuse me 😀

I remembered that Adi had said something about C stage right after they played Viva La Vida. Here’s a seating plan of the concert for reference. Yes, red dot was my position before C stage. Lots of people there, don’t forget. Mostly arms. It seems close, yes.

SG seating plan

After they’ve finished playing Viva La Vida, I rushed to the C stage with others who also did the same thing. That was the right decision to follow them. Coldplay was walking to the C stage and performed 2 songs. Sadly it wasn’t In My Place. I was planning to bawl my eyes out when they sang that song because that was the first song that introduced me to Coldplay. I was standing next to the fence(?) when Chris Martin walked back to the main stage and managed to record that moment. That was the closest I could get that night. 😀

After that, all I did was enjoying the show. I just stayed where I was, singing along with the crowd, took some short videos of the show. When they played “Something Just Like This”, I recorded almost everything! All of us who watched the first concert are the first people who witnessed “Something Just Like This” played on stage! Another tears on my eyes moment.

When the concert was over, I roamed around the crowd to find Adi. I asked one of the crew to hand me the yellow balloon near their equipment area. So imagine a girl with a colorful shirt, a backpack, walking around the pen A while holding a big yellow balloon, looking lost. I’d say that I was quite famous around that moment because some people kept stopping me to borrow my balloon and took a picture with it lol.

Needless to say, that day was tiring as hell but it was totally worth it. Before coming to the concert, I thought to myself that watching Coldplay’s concert is one in a lifetime experience, one time is enough. That statement, ladies and getlement, IS WRONG! One time is not enough! When you watched one concert of them, you would end up craving for more that it’s driving you crazy! Save your money! Plan which country to watch! Stalk their website and instagram! Memorize their song list! Well you get the idea xD

Why one time is not enough, you say? Because it’s freaking Coldplay. COLDPLAY. They really please their fans with extravagant concert. They make sure their fans get an awesome night. Chris’ vocal, oh wow, live and studio, it sounds the same. Guy’s stamina when he beat the drum and the bell on Viva La Vida. Jonny’s guitar on Something Just Like This. Guy’s bass on everything. On top of this perfect delivery, they put xylobands, tons of confettis, lots of ballons, basically everything that they can think of to ask the audience to play together with them. How to move on from this kind of experience? Been 2 weeks and counting, fellas. I am not exaggerating, I am not alone in this xD

It was a magical night. Thank you Coldplay. You give me this feeling, this everglow. 🙂

Now it’s time for pictures and videos! Yeah I didn’t take a lot of pictures really.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out these videos:

A bit of Yellow performace with everything yellow.

The part where I stood close to them (C stage). It’s really just 10 seconds each video though, pardon my excitement with uploading these xD

Amazing Day ending just because it’s beatiful.

Something Just Like This!

Another beautiful ending, A Sky Full of Stars. Tell me how to not feel goosebumps and teary when you see this in person 😦

This last video is the ending of Up&Up and they’re saying goodbyes. I was focusing on my xylobands because I wanted to record the moment when it’s finally turned off for good. :’)


I hope you all enjoy reading this post of mine. Until next time! 😉


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